The Bugnini-Liturgy and the Reform of the Reform (László Dobszay)




LÁSZLÓ DOBSZAY, the famed Hungarian musician and liturgist, is the author of this 2003 work that offers a powerful assessment of the 1970 Missal in light of the Second Vatican Council and the preconciliar form. His argument is frank, even bracing, without being polemical: he deals with the grave problems inherent in in the Bugnini reform while not abandoning the need for reform of the preconciliar Mass. The unique contribution here deals with the topic most overlooked: the relationship between the music of the Mass and the liturgical structure itself, a topic on which the defects of the reform are most evident. He deals further with the unstable existence of Roman Rite divided between two forms and two calendars. But he does not stop at criticism alone: he presents a path ahead that is viable and consistent with the organic growth of liturgy that has always characterized the development of the Roman Rite.

Paperback, 218 pages.

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