A Byrd Celebration (ed. Richard Turbet)




This volume may be the most comprehensive, accessible, and informative volume of essays on Renaissance master composer William Byrd yet published. Edited by Richard Turbet of the University of Aberdeen, it was prepared especially for distribution at the 2008 William Byrd Festival in Portland, Oregon under the direction of Dean Applegate. It covers Byrd’s life and entire work, from Latin and English church music to secular songs, and even unpublished manuscripts.

Fully indexed and beautifully produced with a foreword by the editor, the essays include seminal contributions by the world’s foremost Byrd scholars: Richard Marlow (Trinity College, Cambridge), Kerry McCarthy (Duke University), Philip Brett (1937-2002; King’s College, Cambridge), Joseph Kerman (University of California, Berkeley), William Peter Mahrt (Stanford University), David Trendell (King’s College London), Richard Turbet, and Mark Williams (London).

Softcover, 210 pages.

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